3 Ways To Deal With Slippery Floors

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With the rainy weather we have been having, slips and falls can be a major hazard for businesses. Below are some preventative measures you can take to make sure your set up for success when the bad weather hits.


  1. Floor Mats

Floor mats prevent water from entering the building and making the floors wet and slippery. This is a high risk for slips and falls. A good floor mat at the entrance of your building is going to trap most of the water and snow or slush, greatly reducing your need for additional preventative measures and slips and falls. Check out our floor mats here: https://amlequipment.ca/mats


  1. Wet/Dry Vacuums

When the water does make it past the floor mats, it will have to be cleaned up. A wet/dry vacuum like the C60 https://amlequipment.ca/wet-dry-canister-vacuum is perfect for these instances. The C60 is great for emergency spills, detailed cleaning and can be easily transported to wherever you need.

  1. Floor Scrubber

What can you do when the floor is dry, but there is a water stain left on the floor? You can use a floor scrubber! A good floor scrubber like the CT40 https://amlequipment.ca/ct-40-floor-scrubber will clean the floor and squeegee it up all in one pass. The CT40 will even allow you to only use the squeegee function to clean up spills and messes.

Using these preventative measures will greatly reduce your slip and fall hazards and allow you to keep safe during the bad weather. Also, don’t forget your Wet Floor Sign!


aml equipment logoPhone: 1-866-343-6990
Email: info@amlequipment.ca
Written By: AML Staff