7 Things to Consider When Buying a Hand Dryer

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Choosing a hand dryer can be a daunting task with how many models are on the market. You need to carefully choose the functions you want out of your hand dryer. You are going to want to consider the following:

  • Cost
  • Power
  • Noise
  • Energy Use
  • Speed
  • Durability
  • Hygiene



Cost is a huge factor when considering a hand dryer model. Although they can be an expensive, the cost effectiveness versus paper towels is substantial. You can find relatively cheap hand dryers, but the features are limited. They can also be less energy efficient or hygienic as more expensive models. You should consider the type of business you have and the customers you have as well.

Paying for an energy efficient hand dryer can pay for itself over time and a better-quality hand dryer won’t have to be replaced nearly as often.


Paper towels may dry your hands faster than a hand dryer, but hand dryers are catching up quickly. The more powerful hand dryers will dry them just as fast but can be very noisy. However, more power means less run time and less energy use. Our hand dryers here at AML have an available noise reduction nozzle as well. Just ask about them when placing your order.



Quieter hand dryers tend to use less power but can take up to a minute to dry your hands. Our hand dryers here at AML use more power but can dry your hands in 8 seconds. Our dryers are also available with adjustable power so you can control the noise at any time. We also have noise reduction nozzles available as well so you can get the same power as a highly efficient dryer with way less noise.


Energy Use

If energy efficiency is a big concern for you, there are ecofriendly models available to suit your needs. They do not have heat and are automatic, so when your hands are pulled away the dryer will automatically turn off saving you energy in the long run. All our models of dryers here at AML are available in ecofriendly options.



It is important to consider your customer’s expectations. How long will they wait for their hands to dry? If the hand dryer isn’t fast enough there will be more mess to clean up. Having a quick drying hand dryer will allow you to save money on restroom duties such as cleaning up and stocking paper towel.



You will also have to consider the frequency of use. Is it going to be placed in a high traffic area or a low traffic area? You will want to consider the warranty of the machine you are buying. Here at AML our dryers come with a 7-year limited warranty.



The major factor in purchasing a hand dryer is trying to improve hygiene in your facility. Automatic hand dryers go a step further in removing the need for the customer to touch the dryer at all. In addition, hand dryers with a HEPA filter offer a further deterrence to germs by filtering the air being blown on your hands. Ask us about or optional HEPA filter kits for our hand dryers. Check out our blog post on How Do HEPA Filters Work?


Check out our XLERATOR hand dryer models available on our website. These hand dryers fit all the criteria listed above and even have optional accessories to accommodate your needs. Give us a call today to get set up with the right dryer for you.

aml equipment logoPhone: 1-866-343-6990
Email: info@amlequipment.ca
Written By: AML Staff