8 Things to Consider When Buying a Ride-On Floor Sweeper

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Carpet and floor care are one of the most time-consuming tasks a janitorial team must face. Floors tend to be one of the dirtiest surfaces to clean and their size means the job takes a long time. Larger Ride-On Sweepers can cover a lot of square footage in a short amount of time, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.

That is why many janitorial teams lean towards the Ride-On Sweepers to clean their floors. But these machines might not be right for every facility so that is why we compiled a list of 8 things to consider when looking at purchasing a Ride-On Floor Sweeper.


Environment and Storage

Is the location a good fit for an oversized machine?

Ideal facilities include convention centers, hotels, hospitals, airports, casinos, large universities, and warehouses. Upright vacuums may be more ideal for areas with many small rooms, tight hallways and those lacking sufficient storage space. We also offer a Walk Behind Floor Sweeper for those areas where an Upright Vacuum may not be efficient enough.

Power Sources

Battery power provides extended runtime with the freedom to operate away from an electrical outlet. It is the ideal way to save time and money when cleaning floors. Eliminating cords also helps reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents in your facility. Check out our Blog post How Long do Scrubber and Sweeper Batteries Last.

Surface and Debris Types

Ride-On Floor Sweepers with adjustable brush heights are versatile and can pick up a variety of debris from carpet and hard-surface floors. Models are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. A carpet sweeper can also pick large debris off the floor that may be too big for a walk-behind sweeper or vacuum to handle.


Check out the features offered by each machine and compare them to your needs. If you have a lot of slopes or grading, look for a machine with a Self-Leveling Brush System. If you require a machine that can run efficiently every time, look for a machine with a programmable cleaning mode.


Look for a maneuverable yet powerful sweeper with a tight turning radius to clean in more congested areas.


Exceptional dust control helps maintain health and safety while protecting your facility assets from dirt or damage. Select a ride-on sweeper with a multi-stage dust control system to ensure you are maintaining indoor air quality by containing dust generated during sweeping.

Carpet Fiber

Make sure your ride-on sweeper has incorporated technology to effectively capture carpet fibers for maximum efficiency.


Save time and money by ensuring routine maintenance items are checked regularly. Check out our other blog post on How to Maintain Your Floor Scrubber/Sweeper for more information!


Using these tips when looking at a Ride-On Floor Sweeper should help you find the right machine. Just keep in mind that you will be using this equipment everyday for many years so you want it to do exactly what you need in your facility.

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Written By: AML Staff