Automatic Floor Scrubbers VS Mops

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It is time to consider making the switch to an Automatic Floor Scrubber.

Using mops can be strenuous on the user and take time. A person with mop and bucket can only “clean” about 4,000-5,000 square feet per hour. A small automatic floor scrubber can clean almost 22,000 square feet per hour, while a large Floor Scrubber can clean nearly 100,000 square feet per hour! The payback period is shorter the more you use it.

When a mop is used the “dirty” water is pushed around instead of removing the dirt and grime. A floor scrubber effectively scrubs the floor using a clean water solution and vacuums up the dirty water into a recovery tank for easy disposing.

If you are worried about slips, trips, or falls from a freshly mopped floor – a floor scrubber is for you.  Many businesses and facilities cannot afford to wait for floors to dry so their customers or employees can walk on them without fear of taking a nasty fall.  After all, safety is usually the highest priority of facility owners & managers.  An effective floor scrubber’s squeegee and vacuum system leaves the floor dry in a matter of seconds.

Work smarter, not harder!
Pushing mops, wringing them out constantly, emptying your bucket and refilling it multiple times is not efficient.  Being able to fill your clean water tank, pressing a button, and cleaning for long periods of time without emptying your recovery tank is the easiest way to thoroughly clean a floor.

Make the switch, your floors will thank you!

Phone: 1-866-343-6990
Written By: AML Staff