Compact Floor Scrubber (CT15)

The CT15 Compact Scrubber is the perfect walk behind floor scrubber for health care, office facilities and warehouses. It has a maximum productivity of 13,500 F²/h and a 19L tank capacity, which allows it to clean a large area on a single charge. The CT15 also has a 14” cleaning path that allows you to spend less time on a certain area.

The CT15 is also ideal for cleaning domestic floors, hard floors, and carpets. At AML Equipment and Supply we offer a variety of floor pads and brushes, allowing you to choose which pad or brush is right for you.

The CT15 is light weight for a floor scrubber, at only 115 pounds. This light weight allows you to transport it easily to another floor or another facility. Also, the CT15 has a 90cm turning radius which makes it ideal to use in tighter spaces.

So, if you are looking for a floor scrubber in your office or your warehouse check out the CT15 floor scrubber.