CT 80 Floor Scrubber – Rider

The CT 80 is IPC Eagle’s smallest rider floor scrubber, but still can clean 27,000 square feet in an hour.

Key Features of the CT 80 include:

  • Three pre-set working programs so that the machine can start with just the click of a button
  • Self Leveling System where the brush will automatically adjust to any surface while maintaining constant pressure
  • Color Coded parts indicating daily and scheduled checks
  • Brushes and squeegee blades are removable without tools

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    • 23,000 – 27,000 square feet/ hour
    • 21 gallon tank
    • 24 inch and 28 inch rider
    • 3.0 – 3.7 hour run time
    • Double treatment chassis with galvanizing + die casting
    • Automatic Brushes Click on-off
    • Maximum Consumption indicator
    • Pre-configured for “aqua stop” or filling hose kits
    • Yellow Touch points
    • Tool-free removal of brush and squeegee blades

    Not all features are available for all product variants.






  • Our technology data.


    23,000 – 27,000 square feet/ hour


    3.0 – 3.7 hour run time


    21 gallon tank


    24 inch and 28 inch rider

    • The machine leave scratches on the floor.

      • Brush or Pad are worn out, plastic disc touches the floor causing scratches.
      • The brush or Pad are not suitable for application, try with a softer type.
      • Brush is missing and metal parts interfere with the floor.
    • The main brush does not clean the floor evenly.

      • Main brush is worn out, have it replaced.
      • Pad is worn out, pad holder is touching the floor.
      • Brush head is damaged, contact the technical service.
    • The battery charger is not working.

      • Make sure there is voltage to the battery charger, that the fuses are not blown and that the current reaches the battery; try charging with another rectifier. If the battery charger is not working, contact the technical service centre and indicate the serial number of the battery charger.
      • See the battery charger instructions for troubleshooting.
      • Make sure the battery charger is correctly powered according with rated voltage.
    • The squeegee does not clean or suction is ineffective.

      • The edge of the rubber blades in contact with the floor is worn.
      • The squeegee or hose is blocked or damaged.
      • The suction hose is not connected to the squeegee or is damaged.
    • The batteries do not provide the normal work time.

      • The battery poles and charging terminals are dirty and oxidised.
      • The batteries are new and does not deliver 100% of its expected capacity. Perform 10 charging cycles. Batteries are exhausted and need to be replaced.
      • [Ride On version] The battery has not been connected to the battery charger (for example, because the low voltage connector of the battery charger has been erroneously connected to the machine connector).
    • The detergent flow does not stop.

      • The tap stays open, because it is damaged or very dirty.
      • Faulty or dirty solenoid valve.
      • Filter is missing or cap is open.
    • The suction motor does not work.

      • Switch faulty.
      • Cable disconnected.
      • Vacuum motor is damaged.
    • The brush doesn’t rotate.

      • Press the brush lever, press the brush button.
      • Charge the batteries.
      • Reconnect the power supply connector.
      • [Ride On version] The brush button has not been pressed.
      • [Ride On version] Fuse blown, motor malfunction.
    • The machine does not function.

      • [Battery version] Battery connector is disconnected, the batteries are flat.
      • [Ride On version] Emergency switch is activated.
      • [Cable version] The machine is not plugged into the main socket.
      • Key switch is in off position, key is missing.

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