How Long do Floor Scrubber Batteries Last?

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Do you know how long you can run your equipment before the batteries run out of juice? Depending on how you use your automatic floor scrubber, the length of time that your batteries will last can be hard to predict.


The type of automatic floor scrubber batteries that you are working with has a big impact on the amount of power they will be able to provide over time. Deep cycle batteries usually outlast other batteries by a large margin.

In general, the higher the level of amp hours the longer the battery will last. Each cycle of a battery’s usage consists of a charge up, a cooling off period and then a discharge. Deep cycle batteries with high levels of amp hour measurements will be able to stand up to a greater amount of usage.

Naturally their lifespan will decrease over time to a certain degree, but if you keep up with the recommended treatment of those batteries, they will be able to stand up to this natural process more efficiently.


Making your batteries last longer.

Engineers used to be concerned about the so-called memory effect, but many modern batteries are not impacted by this problem that older cells had to deal with. On the other hand, people tend to severely overcharge any battery cells that they work with.

Doing this can damage them, so make sure that you follow the charging directions provided by the manufacturer. You will also want to make sure that you are using the right kind of charger for the batteries you are working with. Older chargers might not be fully compatible with batteries designed for current generation floor scrubbers.

While you are taking the opportunity to look over your batteries, do not allow the water level to drop below the plate’s top either. When this area starts to become exposed, it tends to dry out and eventually corrode. Your best bet is to check the fluid level either once or twice a week.



No matter how well you treat them, no battery is going to last forever. Once you do need to replace the batteries in your floor scrubber, give us a call at AML Equipment and we can outfit you with new batteries for your machine.

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Written By: AML Staff