How to Maintain Your Automatic Floor Scrubber

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What to do Before Each Use

  1. Check your batteries charge level.

Make sure the battery of your scrubber is fully charged before you start working.


  1. Check the floor pad or brush.

If your floor pad or brush is worn out, you’re not going to be able to clean very effectively. Make your life easier by checking the floor pad or brush’s condition prior to using it. If it is worn, then replace it. Check out this blog post to find out what floor pad is right for you.


  1. Check the condition of your squeegee blade.

A worn-out squeegee blade makes cleaning the floors harder than it needs to be. This can leave streaks of dirty water behind. There is some good news though, you can turn your squeegee blade around to get more life out of it. When you do this, make sure you get a new set of blades on order for next time.


  1. Make sure the recovery tank is empty and the screen is clean.

Do not start cleaning while there is still water in the recovery tank of your automatic floor scrubber. Leftover water means your tank will fill up much faster and you will soon have to stop work to empty it. Save time on the job by making sure it is empty before you begin. And while you are at it, check that the screen is clean and ready for use.


  1. Fill the solution tank.

You can’t clean a floor with old or dirty water, it’s better to begin fresh every time. Make sure you fill your tank up with clean water and only use cleaning chemicals that have been approved for scrubber use.


What to do After Each Use

  1. Empty and rinse the recovery tank.

Make sure your machine is turned off before you empty the recovery tank. Take the drain hose and place it into a drainage area and remove the cap. Use clean water to rinse out any debris while the hose is still placed in the drainage area.

  1. Empty and rinse the solution tank.

Drain the tank of any leftover cleaning solution and then rinse it thoroughly. Be sure that no residue remains so you do not taint the clean solution when you use the machine again.


  1. Remove and clean the solution tank filter.

You should always clean the filter when cleaning your solution tank. This gets rid of any dirt and stops it causing problems with the system. Cleaning the filter is as easy as rinsing it with pure water. You will be done in minutes and your scrubber will be ready to go the next time you need it.


  1. Remove and clean the brush or pad.

Your brush or floor pad should still be okay to use, but make sure you check it before you put the machine away. If it looks worn out, replace the brush or floor pad so that your machine is ready for its next use. If your brush or floor pad is still ok, make sure you rinse it off so any debris does not end up on the floor the next time you use the machine.


  1. Clean the squeegee blade.

To clean your squeegee blade, rinse it thoroughly with water and make sure you remove all the dirt. Is it worn out? Turn it over if you have only worn one side of the squeegee blade. But if it has been worn on both sides, replace it with a new one.


  1. Clean the machine.

Your industrial floor scrubber will benefit from a good scrub down after its use.  You will need an all-purpose cleaner and a damp cloth, and then simply clean the machine all over. This will only benefit you the next time you go to use the machine.


  1. Recharge the battery.

Make sure to plug the battery in after all the above steps are done. You do not want to clean or drain the machine while it is charging.

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Written By: AML Staff