Introducing our new Air Purifiers!

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Check out our line of Air Purifiers. We have Mid-Size, Large, Heavy Duty and Professional Air Purifiers to suit any of your needs. Keep your workplace or home safe with one of these.



Product Name Applications Effective Space Filter Type Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR) Dimensions Weight
Mid-Size Air Purifier Office, Restaurant, Residential 50 sq/m or 540 sq/ft HEPA, Carbon 150 m3/h 60cm X 30cm X 20cm 4.2 kg
Large Air Purifier Mid-Large Room, Office 60sq/m or 645 sq/ft HEPA 550 m3/h 81cm X 31cm (diameter) 9 kg
Heavy-Duty Air Purifier Hospitality, Office, Workplace, Residential, Restaurant 190 sq/m or 2000 sq/ft HEPA, Ion, Carbon 1500 m3/h 58cm X 33cm X 125cm 18 kg
Professional Air Purifier Cafeteria, Household, Hospital, Meeting Spaces, Hotels, Lobbies 55-90 sq/m or 560-970 sq/ft HEPA, Ion, Carbon 750 m3/h 40cm X 39cm X 95cm 22 kg


aml equipment logoPhone: 1-866-343-6990
Written By: AML Staff