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Check out our line of Air Purifiers. We have Mid-Size, Large, Heavy Duty and Professional Air Purifiers to suit any of your needs. Keep your workplace or home safe with one of these.



ProductNameApplicationsEffective SpaceFilter TypeClean Air Delivery Rating (CADR)DimensionsWeight
Mid-Size Air PurifierOffice, Restaurant, Residential50 sq/m or 540 sq/ftHEPA, Carbon150 m3/h60cm X 30cm X 20cm4.2 kg
Large Air PurifierMid-Large Room, Office60sq/m or 645 sq/ftHEPA550 m3/h81cm X 31cm (diameter)9 kg
Heavy-Duty Air PurifierHospitality, Office, Workplace, Residential, Restaurant190 sq/m or 2000 sq/ftHEPA, Ion, Carbon1500 m3/h58cm X 33cm X 125cm18 kg
Professional Air PurifierCafeteria, Household, Hospital, Meeting Spaces, Hotels, Lobbies55-90 sq/m or 560-970 sq/ftHEPA, Ion, Carbon750 m3/h40cm X 39cm X 95cm22 kg


aml equipment logoPhone: 1-866-343-6990
Written By: AML Staff