Should I use a Floor Scrubber to clean my Restaurant’s Kitchen Floors?

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Yes. You have spent thousands of dollars on your restaurant floors and in only a few months they are coated in slippery grease. Messes in the restaurant business are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend lots of time and energy on cleaning them. Investing in a Floor Scrubber can save you thousands in cleaning costs over time. It will also allow your employees to clean much faster than a mop and bucket, keeping your employees happy. Check out our other blog post on why using a Floor Scrubber is way more efficient than a mop and bucket.


Cleaning your Kitchen Floor

When cleaning your kitchen floor, you will want to follow these steps:

  • Sweep the floor
  • Use a chemical degreaser
  • Scrub using a stiff brush
  • Remove all degreaser residue
  • Let the floor dry

Is Cleaning your Kitchen floor such a big deal?

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, there are roughly 1 million trips to the emergency room a year from slips and falls. Having a greasy kitchen floor is not only an eyesore but a risk to health and safety. Not maintaining your floors will just cost you more money in the long run. You will have to replace them often, as well as it being a safety hazard for your employees. So yes, a greasy kitchen floor is a big deal.



5 Steps to cleaning your Kitchen Floor

So, you have decided to clean your greasy floors. Where do you go from here? You’ll want to have a Broom, Dustpan, Degreaser, and a Compact Floor Scrubber.

Step 1: Sweeping

The less debris on the floor, the better. You will want to ensure your floor is as clean as possible before using your degreaser.

Step 2: Applying a Chemical Degreaser

The most efficient way to apply a degreaser to your floor is an Floor Scrubber. At AML we have a few Compact Floor Scrubbers that can fit perfectly in a tight kitchen. Check out the CT5 and the CT15.

Step 3: Scrubbing the Floor

Using an Floor Scrubber, you will want to add the degreaser to the machine and attach your scrubbing brush. You will want to apply the degreaser to the floor but turn off the squeegee system, only using the brush and solution. Go over the whole kitchen floor, allowing the brush to scrub the solution into the floor.

Step 4: Remove all the Degreaser Residue

After you have scrubbed the floor with your brush, you will want to lower and turn on your squeegee system and go over the whole floor again. Using this method allows the degreaser to be scrubbed into the floor thoroughly and going over the floor again with the squeegee system and solutions system on, you will get a much better result.

Step 5: Let the Floor air dry

This step is simple. Your squeegee system will suck up most of the water for you, but you will want to let the rest of the floor air dry.

After this step, you will want to clean your Floor Scrubber. Check out our blog on How to Maintain your Automatic Floor Scrubber.


Greasy floors are just unsanitary and unsafe. After cleaning your floors, you will want to maintain them every night with your Floor Scrubber. Keeping them maintained means less mess, safer working conditions for your employees, and more money in your business at the end of the day.

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Written By: AML Staff