Should You Sweep Before You Use a Floor Scrubber?

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Yes! Sweeping before using a Floor Scrubber will increase the cleanliness of the floor by reducing dirt, streaks, and dust. This will ultimately keep your machine performing at it’s best and will reduce maintenance costs.

Some of the benefits of sweeping before scrubbing include:

  1. Cleaner Floors

Using a sweeper before scrubbing allows for a better overall clean. Completely removing the dust and debris will not only brighten the floor, but also offer a healthier and cleaner environment for your staff and customers.

  1. Eliminates Streaks

Leaving streaks behind on a floor you just cleaned can be extremely frustrating and unsightly. That is why it is important to sweep before scrubbing as it eliminates the debris which can get stuck under the squeegee blades. Also, large amounts of debris can have damaging results to the machine.

  1. A good first impression

A clean facility is especially important to many companies. Taking that little extra time to sweep and scrub not only leads to a cleaner facility, but a good first impression on your customers.


Our TK464 Floor Sweeper can clean up to 38,000 SQ/F an hour and coupled with the CT15 Floor Scrubber, it’s a unbeatable duo.

Phone: 1-866-343-6990
Written By: AML Staff