SMARTVAC 464 Floor Sweeper

SMARTVAC 464 Floor Sweeper
The SmartVac 464 walk behind sweeper can vacuum and sweep floors 10x faster than an upright vacuum. Its brush is self-leveling and can clean its own filter.

Key Features of the SmartVac 464 include:

  • Brush that will automatically adjust to any type of surface while cleaning
  • Self-cleaning filter
  • Battery operation of up to 2.5 hours
  • Only 55 dBa, so will not disrupt others while cleaning
  • Features a digital hour meter to measure productivity
  • Adjustable handle for easy transport and storage

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    • Cleans up to 38,000 square feet an hour
    • 11 gallon capacity
    • 24″ cleaning width
    • Battery life of up to 2.5 hours
    • Automatically adjusts to any surface
    • Cleans its own filter
    • Digital hour meter to measure productivity
    • Adjustable handle for easy transport and storage
    • Battery operated
    • Capability of vacuuming carpet and sweeping floors

    Not all features are available for all product variants.











  • Our technology data.


    Cleans up to 38,000 square feet an hour


    Battery life of up to 2.5 hours


    11 gallon capacity


    24″ cleaning width

  • Filter shaker does not work.

    •  Filter shaker switch not pressed .
    •  Filter shaker motor faulty.
    •  Motor is damaged, contact the assistance.

    Side brush does not work.

    •  Damaged belt.
    •  Side brush is missing or damaged.
    •  Side brush is not in contact with floor.

    The machine raises dust.

    •  Main filter is missing or damaged.
    •  Side flaps damaged, waste bin full.
    •  Do not use side brush indoor.

    [Walk-Behind version] Machine is not moving easily.

    •  Check if traction belt is undamaged.
    •  Check if the wheels are not blocked.
    •  Check if wheels are free from plastic cords.

    [Ride On version] Drive motor does not work.

    •  Pedal not pressed, microswitch under seat not pressed.
    •  Accelerator potentiometer malfunction.
    •  Traction motor is too hot, let it cool down 45 min.

    The machine leaves dirt on the ground.

    •  The main brush is not adjusted correctly or is worn.
    •  The main brush has collected string or wire.
    •  The flaps are damaged. Debris bin full.

    [Walk-Behind version] Machine run time is low.

    •  Check if brush motor is rotating without obstructions.
    •  Check if the battery/ies are performing properly, check the liquid level inside.
    •  Adjust and reduce main brush pressure.

    [Ride On version] The transport speed can not be adjusted gradually.

    •  Speed potentiometer is damaged or not adjusted properly.
    •  Traction pedal does not return to neutral position, contact the assistance.
    •  Seat switch is not activated evenly.

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