When to change the Automatic Floor Scrubber Brush or Floor Pad

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When maintaining a facility, knowing when to change your Brush or Floor Pad on your Automatic Floor Scrubber can be just as important as maintaining the scrubber itself.

Your machine can not operate optimally without proper maintenance, and your Brushes and Floor Pads can not clean effectively if they are worn down, dirty or installed incorrectly.


  • When checking the pad driver and pads, determine if you need to flip or replace pads. Pads should be replaced before they are worn down to the pad driver.
  • If you use a brush, make sure to inspect and clean it by removing any debris caught in the bristles and spraying it down. The brush should be replaced when the red wear indicator is the same length as the other bristles.
  • If your machine is a cylindrical unit, you will want to inspect, clean, and rotate the brushes as well.


Using these methods to detect when your Brush or Floor Pad need changing will save you lots of money and time in the long run. You will get a more efficient clean every time you use your floor scrubber.

Call us today and see if we have the right Floor Pad or Brush for you. If you do not know what Floor Pad you need, visit our other blog post: How to Choose the Right Floor Pad.

AML Equipment logoPhone: 1-866-343-6990
Email: info@amlequipment.ca
Written By: AML Staff