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CT90BT85 - 32" Automatic Scrubber

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CT90BT85 - 32" Automatic Scrubber (Battery and Charger Included)

Unparalleled cleaning performance with the IPC CT90BT85 floor scrubber. This battery-operated powerhouse is designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges with ease.

Key Features:

  • Tank Capacity: Equipped with a 24-gallon solution tank and a 25-gallon recovery tank, ensuring extended cleaning sessions without frequent refills.

  • Scrubbing Width: With a wide 32-inch scrubbing width, the CT90BT85 covers more ground in less time, maximizing productivity.

  • Squeegee Width: The 43-inch V-squeegee ensures efficient water pickup, leaving floors dry and safe for immediate use.

  • Traction Drive: Featuring a self-propel traction drive with variable speed control, this scrubber offers effortless maneuverability and precise operation.

  • Brush System: Utilizes a floating brush system and a dual-disc scrubbing deck with two powerful 300W motors, delivering exceptional scrubbing performance.

  • Anti-Foam System: Integrated anti-foam system prevents foam buildup in the recovery tank, maintaining optimal vacuum performance.

  • SLS Self-Leveling System: Automatically adjusts brush pressure for consistent cleaning results across various floor surfaces.

  • User-Friendly Design: Boasts an easy-to-use control panel and a built-in squeegee with a convenient hanging option for added versatility.

  • Enhanced Mobility: Equipped with non-marking grey solid tires, providing maximum traction and stability during operation.

  • Reliable Power: Powered by a robust 180W traction motor and a brush speed of 215 RPM, ensuring thorough cleaning even in high-traffic areas.

Elevate your cleaning routine with the IPC CT90BT85 floor scrubber, designed to deliver superior performance and efficiency in commercial and industrial settings.

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