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Frost 1055-FTS-Module - White toilet tissue module only

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Frost 1055-FTS-Module - White Toilet Tissue Module Only

Upgrade your bathroom functionality with the Frost 1055-FTS-Module, a white toilet tissue module designed for convenience and accessibility. This module is engineered to integrate seamlessly with swing-up grab bars, providing users with easy access to toilet tissue while maintaining support and stability. Its crisp white finish ensures it blends well with any bathroom decor, and its robust design guarantees long-term durability.


  • Convenient and accessible toilet tissue holder for use with swing-up grab bars.
  • Durable construction with a white finish to match a variety of bathroom styles.
  • Easy to refill and maintain, ensuring hygiene and efficiency in any restroom setting.


Essential for bathrooms in healthcare facilities, commercial spaces, and private residences, the Frost 1055-FTS-Module is perfect for those who seek the added convenience without compromising on design.

White toilet tissue (module only)

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