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Frost 960 - Male Washroom Signage (Blue)

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Frost 960 - Essential Male Washroom Signage

The Frost 960 men's washroom sign combines functionality with a classic design, ensuring clear guidance for guests and employees in commercial and public spaces. The bold blue background with prominent white iconography ensures visibility from a distance, while the tactile braille text at the bottom makes it accessible to visually impaired individuals.


  • Durable design with a vibrant blue background and contrasting white figure and lettering.
  • Includes braille text for the visually impaired, adhering to ADA standards.
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and mount on various surfaces.


Perfect for office buildings, restaurants, schools, and other public facilities, the Frost 960 sign is designed to assist in easy navigation within any establishment.

Male Washroom Signage (Blue)

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