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Frost 961 - Female Washroom Signage (Blue)

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Frost 961 - Essential Female Washroom Signage

The Frost 961 female washroom sign is the perfect blend of functionality and elegant design, offering clear directions for guests and employees in various settings. Its striking blue background with prominent white iconography ensures it is easily noticeable from afar, while the included Braille text at the bottom accommodates those with visual impairments.


  • Robust construction with an eye-catching blue background and contrasting white symbol and lettering.
  • Braille text included for visually impaired individuals, conforming to ADA compliance.
  • Straightforward to clean, maintain, and install on a multitude of surface types.


Designed for versatility in locations such as commercial buildings, dining establishments, educational institutions, and other public venues, the Frost 961 sign is instrumental in facilitating effortless navigation throughout any establishment.

Female Washroom Signage (Blue)

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